Feminism for everyone

This is history in the making – Come on board!

Feministisk Initiativ is widening democracy with a thorough political platform opposing all forms of discrimination.

A different order is possible

Feministisk Initiativ represents a powerful alternative in politics. Our vision is clear: a society that sees everyone and embraces everyone. We use our feminist and antiracist perspectives to see egalitarian and sustainable solutions to political conflicts, in Denmark as well as globally. We see politics for what it is, but also what it could be. We widen the language of power, and we make politics accessible to everyone.

Now our collective power is needed more than ever. After a long period of disinvestment of the welfare state and redistribution of resources from those that have little to those that have a lot, systemwide changes are in order.

Our politics is that a vision of a different and better world is possible. A society that sees and embraces all people.

We defend the human rights. We change power, and we renew politics. With love as a driving force we secure democracy and entrench everybody’s right to participate in society. Denmark is ready for a feminist party in parliament.

Can we make Denmark egalitarian? (Life and work life)

Denmark has a greatly gender-segregated labour market, which has consequences for both wagesetting and working conditions. The male-dominated sectors are considered more valuable, while the female-dominated ones are considered less so, if at all. The unpaid work is also unevenly distributed. When it is time to retire, these differences are not just cemented – they blow up.

Wage work is the basis for access to social insurance and economic safety, and therefore imbalances in society are reproduced and enhanced. Those who are outside have a hard time coming in to the labour market. Young and old people that are seen as non-danish are discriminated against. Effectivisation and productivity gains are translated into higher incomes and increased consumption by those that already have a lot.

Feministisk Initiativ wants to revert this development. Equal work must have equal pay. Productivity increases should translate into spare time, rather than increased consumption. We need to secure economic safety for all, and most urgently for pensioners. Some of our most important demands in this area are:

Equal pay: Create an equality fund and decrease the pay gap
Reduced working time: Start lowering regular working hours to 30 hours/week, with a large investment in education in professions with a shortage of workers.
Increased guaranteed pensions: A great increase in the lowest pension level in order to guarantee basic economic safety for the elderly.

We sure can!

Can we secure human rights? (HR)

Feministisk Initiativ has a vision of a world with open borders. In order to get there, we have to protect the human rights which we have all decided on. The right to asylum is part of this – to seek protection from war and terror is a fundamental right and not something to be negotiated. This bears repeating: a fundamental right. The current government has instead chosen to restrict the possibility for people who have fled under life-or-death circumstances to seek protection and support in Denmark. During the last term, the government has enacted policies to lower the number of asylum seekers in Denmark.

Strengthen the right to asylum: Increased number of quota refugees, a reinstatement of the right to family reunification, amnesty for asylum seekers that have waited a long time and permanent resident’s permits as a norm.

We sure can!

Can we create safety?

The right to freedom from violence and oppression is one of Feministisk Initiativ’s most important and central political issues. It binds together our social, crime, defence and foreign policies. These issues are intertwined – and share many of the same patriarchal causes and gain from the same feminist solutions.

Human security: Replacement of the military territorial defence to a more effective preparedness for all types of crises and societal threats.
Women’s safety: Guaranteed long term financing for women’s shelters and hotlines. Investments for effective and knowledge-based legal processes in sexual crime trials.

Poverty is strongly concentrated in certain geographical areas, usually the so-called Ghetto-areas with a high proportion of foreign-born residents. In order to combat this development we need to make visible how people are shut out by structural impediments, have a functioning welfare system as well as redistribution of our common resources.

Inclusion and pro-active efforts in socio-economically disadvantaged areas: Social response-teams, local police, mentorship programs, local employment offices and efforts against drugs and criminality.
Housing for all: Investments in the building of cheap rental apartments for the young, the elderly and the socio-economically disadvantaged, a Housing First-policy for the homeless and a stop to evictions of families with children.

We sure can!

Can we save the environment? (Sustainability)

Feminist environmental policies are based on the understanding that all human beings have equal rights, and stress the importance of global solidarity. The environmental problems that today threaten humanity and the ecosystem spring from the fact that parts of the world population have given unto themselves the right to over-exploit the resources of the earth, as well as the fact that we live in an economic system that makes it profitable to do so.

Feministisk Initiativ wants to push for a political agenda that takes society in a direction where we all live within the means of our planet together.

Egalitarian climate policy: Phasing out of fossil fuels, climate taxes on meat and flying, adaptation to toll-free public transit and investments in railroad infrastructure.

We sure can!

Can we count? (Economic policy)

Feminist redistribution policy aims for a socially egalitarian and ecologically sustainable economy. A strong welfare state, economic security for all, international solidarity, a tax scheme where all groups and income types pay their fair share as well as transparent tax policy are all fundamental principles for our budget. Feminist economic policy also distributes power and resources from men to women as a whole.

Phase out of tax subsidies – Stop redistributing from those without means those that have high incomes through the earned income tax credit, interest deduction and deductions for renovations and home services.
Transaction tax on the financial markets – for increased financial stability
Counter tax evasion – Shut down the tax havens.

We do it together!
We sure can secure democracy and secure everybody’s right to participate in society. We are many – join us you too! Together we’ll write history.

It’s time to take the step!

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